PC3 Project CARS 3 | The Full List Of Cars Revealed

Paul Jeffrey

Project CARS 3 developers Slightly Mad Studios have revealed the 211 cars that will feature as part of the default offering within the game when it releases later this month.
  • All 221 cars revealed.
  • Race, road and open wheel cars included.
  • PCARS 3 releases August 28th.

Yes, the new Project CARS game might not have tyre wear or pitstops, but it is certainly packed with plenty of content when it hits the stores later this month - with no less than 211 cars set to be included in the base release, many of which players will be able to customise with various tuning and visual upgrades.

Additionally, Slightly Mad Studios have announced that pre-order purchases will come complete with an 'Ignition Pack' that will offer players additional characters, liveries and decals to start your career journey.

Project CARS 3 Car List 4.jpg

AcuraNSX GT32017
AlpineA110 GT42018
Aston MartinDB11 Racing2017
Aston MartinDBR1/3001959
Aston MartinVantage GT32013
Aston MartinVantage GTE2019
Aston MartinVulcan AMR Pro2018
Audi90 quattro IMSA GTO1989
AudiR8 (LMP900)2002
AudiR8 LMS2015
AudiTTS Coupé Racing2019
AudiV8 quattro DTM1991
BentleyContinental GT32016
BentleySpeed 82003
BMW2002 Racing1973
BMW320 TC (E90)2012
BMW320 Turbo Group 51978
BMWM1 Procar1981
BMWM3 Sport Evo Group A1991
BMWM6 GT32016
BMWV12 LMR1999
BMWZ4 GT32012
CadillacATS-V.R GT32015
CaterhamSeven 620 R Racing2015
ChevroletCamaro Z/28 ’69 Trans Am1969
ChevroletCamaro ZL-1 GT4.R2018
ChevroletCorvette C7.R2016
ChevroletCorvette C8.R2020
DodgeChallenger SRT Hellcat Racing2019
DodgeViper ACR Racing2017
Ferrari250 GT Berlinetta1961
Ferrari250 Testa Rossa1957
Ferrari330 P41967
Ferrari333 SP1996
Ferrari365 GTB4 Competizione1971
Ferrari488 Challenge2017
Ferrari488 GT32016
Ferrari512 BB LM1978
Ferrari512 M1970
Ferrari512 S1970
FerrariF355 Challenge2001
FerrariF40 LM1990
FerrariF50 GT1996
FerrariFXX K2015
FordEscort RS1600 Racing1972
FordFalcon FG V8 Supercar2013
FordFiesta OMSE Supercar Lites2016
FordFusion Stockcar2016
FordGT LM GTE2016
FordMustang 2+2 Fastback Racing1966
FordMustang Cobra Trans Am1997
FordMustang GT Racing2015
FordSierra Cosworth RS500 Group A1988
FordZakspeed Capri Gr.51980
GinettaG40 GT52012
GinettaG55 GT42012
GinettaG55 GT32012
HondaCivic Type R Racing2016
JaguarE-Type V12 Group441974
JaguarF-Type SVR Racing2018
JaguarXJ220 S Racing1994
KTMX-Bow GT42016
LamborghiniAventador SVJ Racing2018
LamborghiniDiablo GTR1999
LamborghiniHuracán GT32016
LigierJS P22016
LigierJS P32016
LotusExige Cup 430 Racing2018
Lotus (CTL)Type 40 Ford1965
McLaren570S GT42018
McLaren720S GT32018
McLarenF1 GTR Long Tail1997
McLarenP1™ GTR2015
Mercedes-AMGA 45 Touring2016
Mercedes-AMGC 63 Coupé Racing2016
Mercedes-Benz190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM1991
Mercedes-Benz300 SEL 6.8 AMG1971
Mercedes-Benz300 SL (W194)1952
Mercedes-BenzSauber C9 Mercedes-Benz1989
MitsubishiLancer Evolution VI T.M.E. Racing1999
MitsubishiLancer Evolution IX FQ-360 Racing2006
Nissan280ZX IMSA GTX1981
Nissan300ZX Turbo IMSA1994
NissanFairlady 240ZG GTS-II1973
NissanGTP ZX-Turbo1988
NissanGT-R Nismo GT3 (R35)2016
NissanR390 GT11998
NissanSkyline Super Silhouette1982
NissanSkyline GT-R (BNR32) Group A1990
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34) Racing1999
OpelAstra TCR2016
PaganiHuayra BC2016
PaganiZonda Revolución2013
PanozEsperante GTR-11998
Porsche908/03 Spyder1971
Porsche911 Carrera RSR 2.81973
Porsche935 (991)2019
Porsche911 GT1-981998
Porsche911 GT3 R2016
Porsche911 RSR2017
Porsche917 LH1971
Porsche918 Spyder Weissach Racing2015
Porsche919 Hybrid2016
Porsche924 Carrera GTP1980
Porsche936 Spyder1977
Porsche962C Langheck1988
PorscheCarrera GT Racing2004
PorscheCayman GT4 Clubsport MR2016
RadicalSR3 RS2011
Renault5 Maxi Turbo1984
RenaultMégane R.S. TCR2018
RenaultMégane Trophy V62011
RenaultSport R.S. 012015
SMSFormula B2019
SMSStadium Super Truck2018
ToyotaGT-86 Racing2015
ToyotaGR Supra Racing2020
ToyotaTS050 Hybrid2016

Project CARS 3 Car List 3.jpg

Project CARS 3 Car List 1.jpg


AcuraNSX ’202020
Aston MartinDB112017
Aston MartinVantage GT122015
Aston MartinVantage AMR2019
AudiR8 V10 Plus 5.2 FSI quattro2015
AudiTTS Coupé2019
BMW2002 Turbo1973
BugattiChiron Sport2019
CaterhamSeven 620 R2015
ChevroletCamaro ZL-12017
ChevroletCorvette Z062016
ChevroletCorvette Stingray2020
DodgeChallenger SRT Hellcat Redeye2019
DodgeViper ACR2017
Ferrari288 GTO1984
Ferrari458 Speciale A2015
FordEscort RS16001972
FordMustang 2+2 Fastback1966
FordMustang GT2015
Honda2&4 Concept2015
HondaCivic Type R2016
JaguarF-Type SVR Coupé2018
JaguarXJ220 S1994
KTMX-Bow R2015
LamborghiniSesto Elemento2010
LotusExige Cup 4302018
McLaren570S Coupé2016
McLaren720S Coupé2017
Mercedes-AMGA 45 4MATIC2016
Mercedes-AMGC 63 Coupé S2016
Mercedes-AMGGT R2020
MitsubishiLancer Evolution VI T.M.E.1999
MitsubishiLancer Evolution IX FQ-3602006
NissanGT-R Nismo (R35)2017
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34)1999
PaganiZonda Cinque Roadster2010
Porsche911 Carrera S (992)2019
Porsche911 GT3 RS2016
Porsche918 Spyder Weissach2015
Porsche959 S1987
PorscheCarrera GT2004
RadicalRXC Turbo2020
RenaultMégane R.S. Trophy2018
RimacC Two2018
ToyotaGR Supra2020


AgajanianWatson Roadster1963
DallaraIR-18 Indycar2019
Lotus (CTL)Type 25 Climax1963
Lotus (CTL)Type 38 Ford1965
Lotus (CTL)Type 49 Cosworth1967
Lotus (CTL)Type 49C Cosworth1970
Lotus (CTL)Type 511967
Lotus (CTL)Type 561968
Lotus (CTL)Type 72D Cosworth1972
Lotus (CTL)Type 78 Cosworth1977
Lotus (CTL)Type 98T Renault Turbo1986
SMSFormula RookieN/A
SMSFormula X2018
SparkSRT_05e Formula E2019

Project CARS 3 Car List 2.jpg

Project CARS 3 is set to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC August 28th 2020.

Want to discuss this new game with fellow sim racing fans? No worries, head over to the Project CARS 3 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and start up a new thread!

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Wow looks cool..pretty much the same roster as PC2+ 10 new 2020 cars resold for $90 with no pitstops thanks SMS, I can't wait!

Edit: Will the missing RX content from PC2 be sold to us in an upcoming DLC?

Just properly support and finish a title for once, before moving on to your next cash grab and you might gain a little more respect and support from the community.

Shift 2 support dropped after 3 months from release
PC1 1 yr support with PC2 announced 3 months after release
PC2 1 yr support to start PC3 with tons of features unfinished and filled with bugs
What happened to the whole spiel you gave us about Community and built for racers, no publishers yadda yadda?
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We keep talking over here on Race Dept about this game, which most are PC users, and know what some of your thoughts are about it.. Wonder what the Console gamers think about this game and do they like it? Do they have the same attitude about the game?

M D Gourley

Personally I am looking forward to getting this,...although will look at Reviews first ;) to check it has 'Wheel' support and a 'Photo Mode' :rolleyes::redface::roflmao: ....will just be as an extra for entertainment, something different from my Hardcore Sims. :thumbsup:
...on a side note, wonder if Reiza will have access to any of these cars in the future for AMS2 ;) as there has been some content added from PC1 or 2 in AMS2 (correct if wrong)
Must be embarrassing for the poor underpaid devs who spent years making this game to know that everyone hates it months before it's even out. Just another week or so left before we see just how far we've fallen from grace lmao

PCars 1, and PCars 2 sold millions of copies. If Pcars 3 does the same I seriously doubt the devs will really care what you or anyone else thinks about the title. Like any other job, my guess is they are looking for profitability, and job security.

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
Less than 10 days before release, I hope PCars3 makes a lot of non sim racer curious about racing game, that they enjoy it and make them want to try the other titles we all enjoy, just like GT1 did for me too many years ago.

With a few exceptions, this new PCars is probably of little interest to many of us veterans PC SIM enthusiast. Let’s hope for the best for SMS in this new project.