PC3 Project CARS 3 Released

Paul Jeffrey

Slightly delayed news about a Slightly Mad Studios product - Project CARS 3 is now available to the general public having released on console and PC Thursday 27th August.
  • PCARS 3 available on Xbox, PS4 and PC.
  • Over 200 cars and 120 tracks available.
At long last, following a brief early access period for people who pre-ordered the title, Project CARS 3 has finally released to the wider world - hitting real and virtual stores yesterday (Thursday 27th August) for both console and PC versions of the title.

PCARS 3 Middle.jpg

Representing something of a departure from the original Project CARS franchise, the third instalment of the series places a greater focus on the customisation of both the car and game experience - moving away from the more simulation roots of the original games.

With a loyal fanbase of the original games having mixed feelings about the new direction on the build up to release, it will be very interesting indeed to see how well received the new title is over the coming days and weeks.

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About the game:


• 200+ elite-brand race & road cars
• 120+ global tracks
• Wide set of race conversion kits
• Race to earn Credits & XP
• Buy & own 100s of cars
• Upgrade cars with realistic performance parts
• Customize your car liveries with racing- & community-inspired elements
• Personalize your drivers


• Fully scalable assists for all skill levels
• Convincing & fun handling
• 24-hour cycle, dynamic all-seasons, all-weather racing
• Unrivalled Controller Experience
• Visceral sense of speed
• Intense crash effects & car-contact
• Enhanced AI


• New & deeply engaging career mode
• Battle your way up from weekend warrior to racing legend
• New & compelling Multiplayer and Community Modes
• Fun & exciting Daily Challenges

Project CARS 3 is available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Got questions about the sim? Want to share your thoughts and opinions about the latest title with the sim racing community? No worries, head over to the Project CARS 3 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and start up a new thread today!

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All there is to know about PCars3 :poop:

this review is just sarcasm throughout, it gets annoying. yeah, Ian Bell is lying, what else is new?

and no one can expect that SMS will adress anything that is game changing again like opening up the pits again etc. So just go and get yourself a key for PC2 and have fun. that is depending on classes, actually a fun experience.


Suffered for 60 min, before refund. Not sure what it is ,certainly not sim, doesn't even seem like an arcade. Only slight resemblance to PC-PC2 in graphics and muted at that. Maybe it is just a big "Loot Box". So Saaaaddddd :poop:

P.S. Is this just an expensive livery editor in masquerade????? :sneaky:
Should watched the YT reviews first and saved my self some time and frustration. :cry:
It's a good game. FFB is superior on many aspect's to PC2's FFB and graphics are better than Pcars 2. I will make a video.

What a bunch of lies on internet just unbelievable.

If you ask for a refund for PC3 ask for a refund for PC2 in the same time.

What is sure is that many youtubers had an agenda and "my honest" is in fact "my most dishonest review".

Kimmo Kokkonen

Lord GTR3, His master's voice
As I said, we all waiting forward a miracle to happen, it ain't happen, they just wanna our money.

So if you are new with simracing or arcade so then why not, but if you already have 5-10 different good simulator so you do not need this one, believe me.

My opinion:
The best racing simulator released 14 years ago and it is named GTR2, created by Simbim. After that nothing happened, only better graphics engine added for newer games (eye candy).

I recommend all you HC drivers please forget these new games (and you do), we do not need any more if they do not create a real HC sim like GPL that blows our mind (like GTR2 then 14 years ago). What comes to physics there's nothing to do better than GTR2 was / still is but of course it is possible to expand some features like more / different setups and different race car classes, tracks etc. but it is so good already.

So Just drive and enjoy what you already have. This genre is full of these games, when GTR2 released there was only 1 real competitor, Rfactor1.

If you like AC so it is also good, but you do not need ACC if you already have AC etc. I have first Project Cars game (PC1) and it's also my last Project Cars also. I won't buy this new one even that I also had a few weak moments when I thought I must have it. Maybe I can try it when the price is 5 euros or less...maybe. That's it.