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PC3 Project CARS 3 | Release Date Confirmed

Loads of cars and tracks... way way too much to hint they have cared to create meshes for
great FFB, and realistic physics for that many cars.

I wish I'm wrong but, this doesn't look much like a bettered PC 2...

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I'm more and more skeptical of games that include massive amounts of cars and tracks at launch, like this upcoming PC3. Nowadays, it takes so much work to do a good simulation that I wonder how they can really do a good job on 200 cars and 140 track layouts without cutting corners. I much prefer the ACC approach: fewer cars and fewer tracks, but it's done right.
In theory.....they have a large portion of the base and data to use from the past 2 titles which used the same engine.
ACC was a completely new engine.

As for the whole simulation game.....I see them as all games, some just feel better than others.
What I look for when a game claims to be a simulation is the tech involved.
Love it or hate it, the madness engine offers alot of tech, especially it's track tech which I feel is up there as one of the best...1 of only 2 titles to offer loose surface physics, dynamic weather/track/tire, excellent VR and overall performance.

Reiza has shown us already what's capable within the engine for car handling.

The only thing lacking imo is the audio and a developer that will support it for more than 12 months after each launch.
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Reiza has shown us already what's capable within the engine for car handling.

True, but the amount of tweaking and handling quirks it has already taken during Beta/EA.... for very limited number of cars. And don't think the work is finished, for some cars.

Then, take into account the skill of Reiza with physics, coming from GSCE and AMS1 (mostly re-doing the same familiar, limited cars)... compared to Ian Bell & co trying to do 200+ cars (with handling-affecting upgrades?)

140+ track configs sounds like each will have perfectly tuned AI again :rolleyes:
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