PC3 Project CARS 3 | Porsche 935 @ Leipzig Gameplay Footage

Sorry to correct you but Ian Bell did describe it as "all the sim you could want". Some of us want tyre wear, fuel use, tyre temperature, pitstops and qualifying in a racing sim. Hell, some of us just want to drive out of the garage and down the pitlane. And given the previous version of Project Cars offered all these things its not surprising some are disappointed that PC3 doesn't simulate these things.
In his opinion, and based on tweets he has made in the past, I take that with a pinch of salt :) On the flip side, it could be for some?
Why does anyone still pay any attention to what that guy says? You know he'll promise you anything regardless of whether or not it's true, and that he has a tendency to run his mouth a lot, so why even listen to him? Pretty much nothing the guy says is worth anyone's attention. Just ignore his blabbering and judge the game on its own merits, not on what Ian Bell might claim about it, you'll be much happier.

Yes, he's tied to the franchise, which is unfortunate, but that doesn't mean you have to listen to him. I would've thought people would've figured that out by now, but somehow plenty of people are still getting annoyed/angry by the fact that he still haven't changed and is still acting like himself.

In my experience you can't trust what any developer says. I was simply answering the question about SMSs claims in terms of PC3 and simulation.
Since the first news they put out on PC 3, they talked about simulation,
so it is only natural that sim racers feel a bit disappointed they've gone
more the arcade route... Anyway, not a thing for me, but I hope it is a
good racer for people who enjoy this type of games, like Need for Speed
and Forza, etc.

What is also dissapointing is the graphics. I was expecting an important
improvement from PC 2, an already 3/4 years old product, and was even
thinking it could be next gen ready for the new consoles... but to me,
from the 40 minutes or so of gameplay I've seen so far, it looks almost
identical to PC 2, no eye candy, nothing new.
I uninstalled PC2 (bought on sale) after some hours with no regrets because of the atrocious gamepad control and feedback.

PC3 I'll reserve judgement until it's been stress tested in actual users hands.
Gameplay looks like fun tbh (I have plenty of hardcore sims if I need that) but I'm more concerned about whether they've made it enjoyable to drive.

It's a game. Seems a lot of people here don't realise that.
And you (as many) haven't understand why the sim community kind of hates Pcars !! ...

They call it SIM, but it's not... That's all !
If they start calling it SimCad, everything would be ok.

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