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PC2 Project CARS 2 Anti-Aliasing Advice


I have reinstalled Project CARS 2 recently as it is one of the handful of simulators to include Daytona and a recent IRL event inspired me to drive on it.

I have criticised Project CARS 2 in the past for not looking particularly good in motion. This is mostly caused due to the subpar implementation of Anti-Aliasing. I have a 1080p monitor, which of course magnifies this problem. There are many threads on the internet about this topic, with no real "solution". I am writing this thread to provide a new idea for people who search the internet on this topic to try.

At 1080p MSAA High is not enough. SSAA at Medium looks kind of on par, maybe a bit better, but the performace is lower especially at times when lights play a role. SSAA at High to my eyes looks decent, the performance at night time however drops significantly. Daytona pits at the start of the session provides about 30-35 FPS on my 5700 XT.

The best solution I found was enabling Virtual Super Resolution in the AMD Radeon Software (NVIDIA has an equivalent feature) and playing the sim at 1440p with MSAA at High. It is more demanding of course as it is super sampling, but I am able to keep my frame rates around 60 or very close to 60 in the most demanding situations, and it looks on par at worst to SSAA at High - with much better performance. The UI doesn't get blurry either. So if you stuggle with setting up AA in Project CARS 2, give this one a try!

Happy racing!
I don't know if AMD cards have these settings but for nVidia GPU's this seems to work best in all Madness engine games.
In NVCP (nVidia control panel) set these

Antialiasing - FXAA (set this to "on")

Antialiasing - Mode (set this to "Override any application settings")

Antialiasing - Setting (set this to "8x")

Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) (set this to "on")

OpenGL rendering GPU (set this to whatever graphics card you're using)

Power management mode (set this to "Prefer maximum performance")

Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample opti.... (set this to "off")

Texture filtering - Quality (set this to "Quality")

Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization (set this to "on")

Also playin cloudy conditions because shadows really are the worst part of shimmer and jaggies in pC1, 2 and AMS2.