Program to extract info from replay files (car, circuit, # of opponents, online/offline, etc.)


Is there a program that can tell me information about replay files? I have almost 800 replays but the majority of them are offline. I want to be able to find out which replays are online because I want to watch those and am not interested in watching my offline races. Loading up each replay 1 by 1 will take forever. There's got to be a way to extract info from the replay file.
there was a program called "autosim analyzer" that would do that. just had a look around and all links appear to be dead now though :(
I think you need to click an option/add a line to one of the text files in GTL, to save extra race data for ASA to analyze?

I used ASA to export and post race results ( lap times, graphs etc ) from league races.

So you might be able to use it, to filter out the online vs offline files. It may be as easy as ASA not recognizing one set of the files
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