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    After restarting my PC yesterday, AMS stopped recognizing my profile. The first attempt at loading the game takes several minutes, after which it launches with no profile. Subsequent launches are very fast, but the game no longer even makes any effort to look into it. The dedicated server app is no better, as it completely crashes on the first attempt (also after 1-2 minutes) and shows no profiles detected afterwards.

    Has anyone else run into this issue before? I'm almost certain that a file in the profile folder is corrupted, but I have no idea which one that might be and couldn't find anything after a bit of googling. Validating the game files and reinstalling the game didn't fix this either, so the issue is certainly with the profile itself.

    It's a somewhat minor inconvenience as it means I have to redo all my keybinds, most of which I've forgotten by now, and I've lost a few controller settings. I'm almost certainly going to make a new profile, but it would still help to know how to fix this if it does happen again or if I end up trying to fix it now.
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