Profil "Race (Steam version)" in Nvidia Inspector

Hi guys,

Yesterday, I made a mistake by changing settings in Inspector.
I deleted the profil "race Steam version" proposed by Nvidia Inspector. And I can't find it anymore. How can I have it again?

I tried to create a new one, but I don't know how to set all the parameters for Race 07.
I have the well-known issue that AA doesn't work in the game.

In the options, I choose AA with Sparse Grid Supersampling, but I think I'm missing something in the rest of the settings.

Can you post a screenshot with the Nvidia inspector with the profil "Race (Steam version)"?

I have tried every thing tonight, I can't force the AA ingame, it's awfull:


Can somebody with a Nvidia graphic card using Nvidia Inspector send me screenshots of your settings?

- in the nvidia control panel &
- in Nvidia Inspector

Thanks a lot

EDIT: it works now! After reinstalling the last drivers, I had in Nvidia Inspector the profil: "race 07_steam version"
Then, I tried the settings of a guy on steam and it works. no jaggie lines anymore, it's clean.
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Does the Nvidia Inspector save all your game profiles when you install new gpu drivers ? as when i use the nvidia control panel to save specifc game profiles, they all get deleted when you install new drivers, its a pain as i have like 40 specific game profiles at any one time.