Product Review: Volair Sim Triple Display Stand


I needed a triple monitor stand for my new sim rig, and wanted something that was freestanding, fairly compact, and would accommodate monitors as small as 27". Among others, I considered the Next Level stand, but it's range is 32-65" and it's quite large, with narrow inboard posts and additional outboard posts in the center of the side monitors. Great for huge displays, but too large a footprint for my application.

I also wanted something that would accept the Next Level Traction Plus (which I plan to add soon) and still maintain a close viewing distance. The stand I ended up choosing is the Volair Sim Triple Display stand. At 39.4" between the center posts, it's not quite wide enough for the Traction Platform (which needs 44"), but I'm confident I can easily modify it when necessary.

Volair Sim shipped very promptly, and though the package arrived looking rather sad the only damage was some minor scratches and two bent monitor mounts. In my appraisal the condition was caused by less than optimum packing by Volair combined with very rough handling by UPS.

I called Volair, sent them a quick picture of the damaged parts (though they didn't request same), and they replaced them instantly. Their customer service is outstanding; the representative was well informed, cheerful and eager to satisfy. Pre-sale support is also excellent, another rep was very quick to respond earlier to my requests for dimensional information that was not supplied on their website.

My requirement for 27" on the small end was predicated by my inability to find any 1980x1080 monitors in 32", but I eventually stumbled on the AOC C32G1. This resolution was necessary since I'm using a somewhat dated Radeon RX480 graphics card, and I expected 5760x1080 was the best I could expect from this card. These AOC monitors have an 1800R curve, 1ms response (according to the box), 144Hz refresh rate, flicker-free tech, and are compatible with AMD FreeSync. Using Displayport connections, my antique RX480 delivers a consistent 100fps+ at 144Hz in Assetto Corsa with graphics settings maxed.

Assembly was simple and I accomplished it solo. A bit of careful balancing was required to get the legs and scissor arms aligned, but all in all very easy even for this 64 year old guy.

With a shipping weight of 91lbs, this is a massive stand. The outboard monitors are easily aligned with the use of shims (supplied), and angles are very easily adjusted. The stand fits nicely around my Next Level GT Track cockpit and provides the 34" viewing distance I desired. As mentioned earlier, it will need widened by about 5" when I add the Traction Plus, but this should be easily accomplished by making offset adapters for the slide-in legs. For others who don't need this width, also note that the bottom legs can also be reversed (so that they point inward) to provide an even more compact footprint.

One factor for some may be the height; had I not used the motion seat (which adds about 6" to seat height), this stand would have been too high for the 32" monitors. At its minimum height the center of the screens is 44" from the floor, which coincides perfectly with eye height for me. If a lower height were desired, it would seem fairly easy to shorten the lower mounting legs.

I'm very pleased with this stand, and recommend it to anyone seeking a well built, high quality product.







Good stuff! My current need for tabletop mount rules them out for me, but it's nice to see another USA choice, particularly one that's tolerant of many screen sizes.
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