HTC Vive

Problems with freezes and blackout with rift s


Dec 18, 2014
So I finally got a rift s after deliberating for a long time but finally took the plunge. Short story, it's been frustrating. Anyway I managed to get get it working, but only in Assetto Corsa. Although I still can't get it to run from content manager, just through the original launcher. The main issue is I can't get it to run anything else ie Raceroom, ACC.

I can get through the UI's of all the games but as soon as I'm in the driving seat then the headset starts to freeze, lose tracking and blackout. I get an error from steam vr saying the headset disconnected and steam vr needs to restart.

I feel like I've tried everything, at least all the common fixes I can find on Google. The basic unplug and plug everything back in, change USB power settings, restart pc, change game quality settings etc I've been trying work around since i got it and I've gotten nowhere. Am I missing something? Probably obvious?

I'm running ryzen 5 2600, rtx 2060 and 16gb so system wise it should be enough and like I said earlier, Assetto Corsa works, just not the others.

Help me!


Mar 17, 2020
I have a Oculus Rift CV1 and I never used steam vr? Normally the oculus client needs to be running before starting a game in order for it to work, or one even needs to start the game in the oculus client itself.

My first Oculus also had blackouts, it was running normally and sometimes out of nowhere went dark, and Oculus sent me a replacement, never had a single blackout since then. But even with the faulty one, it was possible to start an run the games normally though.