Problems Making rFM File...

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Charlie Lord, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Charlie Lord

    Charlie Lord

    Hi guys,
    Currently I'm trying to make a specific mod for my game so only the 'vanilla' (default) cars are loaded. I will then run this mod through the rFactor Mod Launcher (version 2.0). However, so far I've had problems getting all the different cars I want to appear in the game menu.
    At first, I moved all the folders housing the default cars into one folder (DefaultCars it was called), and wrote this in the Vehicle Filter = OR: DefaultCars, as I looked at some other rFM files (RaceX being one, I remember), but this didn't work for me.
    I then moved the folders back out into the Vehicles folder, where they were before, and then used the Vehicle Filter = OR: yadayadayada, and listed all the different folders that contain the default cars. This worked fine, however for some reason didn't display the rTrainer cars (which I have and I included the folder in the =OR: section. :()

    Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or does anyone have any tips to make this work? Thanks :)