Problems gift AI cars going straight curves F1 2013 PC

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    Google Translation from Portuguese ......

    Friends I have a big problem, I bought a 2013 F1 detlhe original game has two weeks that I'm trying to solve a problem and codemastrs sending e-mail or are able to handle!
    It follows in the various circuits, as the example of Malaysia 15 on all AI cars pass right on the curve as the curve curve was not so closed and end up in the gravel trap resulting me alone on the track and losing grace as always win, the same happens in Canada, Bahrain, China. How to solve this problem? If you do not know give me a contact from someone please.

    I appreciate and am awaiting contact.

    My only suggestion is that if you are on PC, you verify your game files via Steam. This will replace any corrupted, or missing files, and ensure that the game is fully patched.

    If you don't know how to do that, then look at the bottom of this stick post, it shows you how to verify you Steam files.