Problem with T300rs


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Jun 9, 2019
First of all, sorry if this question was already addressed by other thread, but Ive searching for a solution in ages and I can`t find one. I bought a t300rs and Im trying to set it with all simbin games without success. The issue is my brake/throttle pedals act weird as I was pressing them all the time, and my clutch has no response. This is specially notable with GTL, and Ive been trying everything, doing a lot of reading but I can`t find a way to set it to work properly. If someone know a solution or some profile file, Id be very grateful.

My pedals are set to "separate" just before someone ask it.

Anyways, thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.


Jun 3, 2018
I own a thrustmaster but no shifter so I never had issues.
What you must know is that GTL/GTR2 recognizes only your hardware if it is connected to the first 3 USB ports :
- unplugged all usb cables from your pc including keyboard/mouse
- plug FIRST wheel/pedals/shifter THEN all others
- go to your UserData profile, edit PLR with notepad by replacing all FFB***** lines with Shovas PLR settings (you will find the txt ready to copy-paste in 10th Anniversary Patch)
- run GTL/GTR2, go to controls menu and set left steering by turning your wheel left, then do the same for right steering, accel, brake...