Problem with pedals - Eurocase euga 65

Hello people, I'm new to this forum because I was told this was a good place to post issues.

In a hit of nostalgia yesterday I tried to use my old steering wheel (euga 65), but the pedals were out of place. I took them off to put them back, but now they don't work.

I think I have a problem with the potentiometers. When I plug the pedals in, the brake goes as if I was fully pressing it, even though I'm not touching anything (here's a video of that).

I have 2 10k potentiometers with 3 pins each. They are used as variable resistors (so the middle pin and one of the exterior ones are connected). and if I test them with a multimeter they work just fine, I get a fluid motion that shows values from 0 ohms to 10k ohms.

Only 4 cables (not 6) go into the pedals, this is because 2 pins are connected with another pin.
So the 4 cables are yellow, grey, white and red. Between the white and the yellow, I have 2.5v. Between the yellow and red I have 2.5 v and between the white and the red I have 5v. The grey cable is dead, as it only shows 0,0 to 0,05v when i measure it with the other 3 cables

Before I took apart anything, the yellow and white cables were connected to one potentiometer (brakes, the one that is causing problems) and the red cable was connected to the other potentiometer (throttle), but the gray cable, which should have been in the throttle, was not connected. I guess it fell off at some point

What I think the problem is is that the circuit is "ignoring" the potentiometer signal, and just checking if it has voltage or not. Here's another test I made to show this. I get the same results if I plug the potentiometers or just connect the wires directly, but in the yellow-red test it moves just a little.

I hope I explained what my problem is. If you need IRL videos, photos, more descriptions or whatever just let me know and I will update the info.
Thanks for reading! :)