Problem with game. Someone help me please.


Yesterday I had to format my pc. Fortunately I had all my files in a pendrive, then I copy pasted them on my steamapps/common/motogp17

but when I start the game and try to load my championship mode it says: motogp 17.exe stopped working. Any solutions please? I would be very gratefully happy


You can't use files from update 2 for update 3 exe

I think the MotoGP.exe is causing crashes because it refers to 3.0 files instead of 2.0 files
2.0 mods are not easily compatible with update 3


so I can't copy the mods into the new update??
No, you need the version 2.0 of the game.

You will need a fresh install of the default game and then update it manually with patches 1 and 2.

Steam won't let you customize the version, so you will need to find "alternative" ways.
Otherwise you're stuck with the latest version and you have to wait until people convert mods for version 3
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