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Problem with car mods

I don't have any problem with adding tracks to GSCE.
But I can't add cars, when I try to add a car mod I can't select it for a race.
For example the Porsche VS Ferrari GSCEx_V1.0 mod.
The folder gameData I just add to the GSCE folder, but what do I have to do with the rFm file and Templates file?
Also, what purpose does the Realfeel settings have?



You should extract the rfm folder too, it creates the screen on the main menu for you to select that car (they don't always show up under "all cars.")

Templates folders are just that, templates for if you want to create your own skins; you don't need to extract that into your GSCE install.

Realfeel is to do with force feedback and making the car feel good on the road, etc. If there are suggested settings, use them. Just open your realfeelplugin.ini in your main install directory with notepad or another simple text editor and add the entry at the bottom.
Thx, the cars now work.

But now I'm having another issue. I downloaded SPA 2014 and the nurburgring mods but the tracks won't load. I get to the loading screen, and then it just sits there.
Any ideas how I can fix that?


Assuming you're extracting it all correctly it could be you're missing some files; if you alt-tab when the loading freezes, do you get an error message?


Run a sync and try again. Could be some missing sky files. I can take a proper look probably tomorrow and see what I can do re: a download link.


I am assuming the tracks were from RD? In Locations\Nurburgring you have a SKY.mas file? If not, make sure you extracted all the files from the track.

You're not the first person to have this error but I am struggling to remember which files it needs specifically :/ My first guess is to download this, extract to your GSC install and try the track again; let me know.
Thx for the help Andrew, it works!

Just one other issue (sorry, I'm just starting to play GSCE), how can I get full screen? I got a black banner around the game. I have a 24" screen and it only uses around 23-22". It's not that anoying, but maybe there is a simple fix that I'm overlooking?
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Unchecking Windowed mode should launch it full screen. If not, open your config.ini in a text editor and check this line, and edit it if not: