Problem with camera groups in Simbin games

Mar 27, 2009
We (Thierry 81 and me) made a release of our track, Vitus GP (rF versio :, on the 4 games, rF, GTR Evo, GTR2, and GTL. For this first final version, I made a simple cam file, no camera group. I began to make the cam file made with BTB 0.6, and finished it with BTB Pro
The conversion was very easy, I put the file directly in Game/GameData/Locations/Vitus/Vitus_GP. And it works, just a little activation timing difference, less than 0.5 second, between rF and Simbin games.
To make something more fun for watching long races, and for my own pleasure, I made a new cam file, 89 cameras, 4 groups, with BTB Pro. One week later, it works on rF (;13888901;/fileinfo.html)
To convert, I put the cam file directly in the other game. Surprise, it doesn't work. Two problems :
- In the games, all the cameras are in much higher positions.
- The groups, it doesn't work, each camera is activated, one by one, without group distinction.

I decided to see with BTB Evo demo. I open my track, check the cameras, everything is ok, same cameras, in the good place, with the good group activation. I exported to have the cam file. I put in my tracks, same problem, wrong camera's altitude, and no group is working.

May be I made something wrong ?
I hope someone can help me.


Mar 16, 2009
I asked about camera group in other thread but confess Im still didn't understand
can u explain something, please


Mar 16, 2009
well, I don't know for sure, but maybe it's just that rFactor supports camera groups but the SimBin games don't?


Nov 15, 2008
yer, it would seem Simbin games don't support camera groups, a while back, i spent many hours trying to get them to work and finally just gave up (chose the best of the group) :/

Brendon Pywell

Bob's Track Builder
Feb 26, 2009
It's not something I ever tested. Removing the option is simple enough, but I'll probably keep it there for anyone that wishes to make rFactor tracks from the same BTB Venue.