Problem saving files

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Wayne Reed, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Wayne Reed

    Wayne Reed

    Every time I go to save it a box comes up saying there is coming wrong and cant save its like a debugger thing. Please does any one know how I can fix this
  2. mianiak


    Firstly, back up your temp files. Go to the btb temp folder, copy all the files and paste them into a new folder somewhere else, do this asap cause those temp files can be deleted by btb at any moment.

    Secondly, export your work to your game, or at least export it to rfactor cause other editors can work with the gmt files incase you cant recover the project file.

    Once you have done that try this.
    Change pitlane to the other side of the track, Try and save.
    Remove all the aiw and append it. Try and save.

    If you have no luck then you can try to recover a backup,
    Go to the new folder where you pasted the temp files, sort by date and grab the most recent project file, it will be one with a large file size.
    Copy and paste it into your btb project folder, rename the existing project file to venue.bin.bak. then rename the copied file to venue.bin.
    Start btb load the track and see if you can save it.
    If you can save it and it works, then you have some sort of successful recovery.
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