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Problem: Realistic Wheel motion in RaceRoom


Jun 1, 2020
Hi all, I started playing RaceRoom last night and the first thing I noticed was the myriad of settings that I'd never heard of concerning wheel motion.
Let me start off by saying I use a Logitech g920 but my friend who drives a fanatec had the same issue I have.

The problem is I can't get to ingame steering wheel to synch up with my actual wheel. Not completely at least.

For instance, the GT4 BMW has a 360 degree turn angle, 180 in each direction.
Normally, you'd think there would be a setting to limit your wheel to the turn angle the car you're using has.
Left on stock settings, however, my wheel can only turn 180 degrees, 90 in each direction. Which makes every motion I make incredibly jarring to the ingame car.
I managed to mitigate the situation by changing the steering sensitivity to 20, but the motions are still not 1:1.
All I want is for the motion I make on my wheel to mirror the one my driver makes ingame. That way I have a baseline of how much to steer when I'm driving.

I want to join the race this weekend but I'm afraid that with the way the steering wheel handles in RaceRoom I'm going to be a bother.


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Sep 28, 2009
In the Logitech Profiler set your rotation to maximum, which I believe is 900. In the game, open the options screen, go to Gamelay Settings, and set Wheel Animation to "Match Setup". The game should now set your wheel's rotation to the same as whatever car you are driving, and the wheel movement should be 1:1.

I know, this setting should probably be a controller option rather than a gameplay setting, but there you go.
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Nov 26, 2010
The BMW M4 GT4 has 480° of rotation in the game. Disable the driver animations if you want to see more than 360° of visual rotation.


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Oct 10, 2011
My personal method to get the 2 wheels to follow each others exactly is to
1. calibrate your physical wheel to your satisfaction.
2. set the wheel lock in the setup to your preferance.
3. set the wheel Animation (menu?) to a fixed value that best mirrors the virtual wheel to your physical one.

ByTheWay: You have probably to try a few time (trial&error) before you are satisfied.:thumbsup: