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Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Fydo, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Fydo


    Good!! I am a user of the game but PS4. I guess the configuration of the FFB in the game will have the same purpose in the PS4 than PC.
    Here I expound the settings that have gotten him to play only in Rally. In this way I was going great, but in Rally-Cross something goes wrong, when the car caught the wheel asphalt stays like engines FFB, just notes strength and less wheels disconnected. Tours to one side or another, the car turns but seems to have a steering wheel 50 eu those in which not notice anything. If someone suggests to me something ...
    Calibration left hand drive 1080 °
    And the steering wheel lock mode have it on: On (this car assigned to each corresponding degrees)
    And then vibrate options I have it so.
    #Autoalineantes = 95%
    Friction wheel # = 0%
    # TIRES FRICTION = 90%
    # SUSPENSION = 90%
    # TYRE SLIP = 90%
    # MOTOR = 90%
    # COLLISION = 100%
    # SOFT LOCK = 150%
    # ADDRESS center of force = 100%

    I hope to do and helped do if someone helps me with ffb on asphalt.
    A greeting!
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