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Problem creating Xpack

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by diaboko, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. diaboko


    Hello, I'm trying to do an Xpack for my track but I'm having some problems. I tried with this file:


    Is in sketchup 6 format. I export to Google Earth KMZ, change .kmz to .zip, extract the content, open BTBXpacker and import the object, save the project, and compress it again. This is the Xpack made.


    I did everything like the Biggles1212's tutorial says. But when I put it in Xpack folder and open BTBPro, I can't use this Cpack, and I don't know what's the problem. The file was downloaded in Google 3D Galery.

    Can anyone help me with that please??? I don't know where I'm having trouble. Thanks. I tried both with Sketchup 7.1 and 6.

    Edit: I solved it. The compressed file was .rar extension. When I changed it to .zip, it worked :D
  2. Biggles1212


    Be careful when using the objects from 3D Warehouse. some need to be exploded totally before they will work. It will usually show up as part of the object is missing.
  3. Barbje_Keller


    hy, I open you model in Skechup 6 and what I find: First, model not have textures. Second model have to musch triagles, afte export to KMZ4 (one of them) its have - 15958 Triangles :O .
    What I did, unlock and explode model, remove some panel, used metal and cement textures (from defoult skechup textures) and import this model to Xpack - without problem...
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