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  1. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
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    With the Active Driver Roster filling out and interest still high. I've considered a solution to creating two smaller lobbies.
    We can continue to add drivers to the list and host Speed Based Dual Lobbies which limit the second lobby leader to finish no higher than the last driver in the first lobby. There in Lies the problem.

    The other option is a Amateur Class. This would Create another Championship and a Second Champion, An AM Champion and a Pro Champion
    -Drivers that can't make every race, and are new to the series.
    -Structure the Points to drop the Worst Two Races, :thumbsup:
    -Allow 1 Car Change through out the Season without penalty. :thumbsup:
    -Allow Drivers that are usually near the back of the pack to race against people their own speed
    -Slightly relaxed Race Rules. ie

    ---Allow Automatic Transmission
    ---No Forced Interior View
    ---No Mechanical Failures
    ---Allow Ghosted Vehicles

    Eligibility Rules for Amateur:
    -Must not have run more than 7 races as Pro in a season

    Amateur Championship Driver will be promoted to Pro at seasons end. 2nd Place Amateur Driver will have the option to stay or move up to Pro.

    ***Message for Incoming Drivers***
    With the games current Multi-player limitations and a Full Roster for both AM and PRO we have to Create a way to make sure the Competition is somewhat aligned.
    Therefore Drivers Interested in Competing in AM, Eligibility will be judged by Time Trial times at 3 locations with whatever Car Choice you are in.

    The 3 TT Tracks are: Barcelona, Long Beach, and Spa.
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  2. 2pfspiff

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    Would there be a possibility for the top am driver to jump into pro if the lowest pro driver agreed to drop to the am? Of course there would be a points penalty to align the two if the points were the same.
  3. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts

    Amateur should be able to go up to Pro with a slight adjustment in points. Pro going to AM would be based on Performance and also the points adjusted.
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