Prizes and the RD Tropy Competition.

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  1. Chris Hempsall

    Chris Hempsall

    Hi Guys.

    Last season Marcin generously offered a Premium membership to the winner fo the last half of the season.

    We are now past the half way point but I am going to offer two 1 year premium memberships to the Winner of the Drivers Championship and also to the highest points scorer of the last 7 races (from Singapore). This will only apply to the Championship however all are invited to sign up for those races and will be included in the competition.

    Last season also offered a free copy of F1 2013 for the winner of the league. Rob Carver should have received this however I lost my job around that time and circumstances didn't allow me to afford it.

    However, with things back on track for me I can now offer this prize once again.

    I have decided to offer this over both the Championship and Cup leagues and the rules are simple. Whoever scores the most points over the last 7 races in both leagues will face each other after the season has ended in a 1 on 1 25% race. The location will be voted on in due course.

    As you all know I spend a lot of time on here and it is nice to be able to give something back to you all (even Boothy). Hopefully this will keep the numbers up and drivers will return the league's dedication to give them a competitive and rewarding place to race with dedication and commitment of their own.
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