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PrestoGP Test Race: ASR F1 2018 Wednesday 13th

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Hi guys,

Sorry I didnt post this sooner. There will be a test race for anyone who wants to join in tomorrow night using the ASR F1 2018 mod. This is mainly to give anyone who needs it, an idea of how these cars with handle in a race situation i.e tyres, setup.

If you havent already casted your vote then this could be an ideal opportunity for you to help make your decision on what to choose for Presto going forward.

race format will be....

2x20 mins
1x40 mins

I'll let the majority decide on this. There will be no sign up to this, its on a come if want to basis but again it may help you in making a decision so could be a usefull experience.
That was pretty insightful :D

At R1 I was on Medium, they worn fast because of sliding, that worked not so well.
At R2 I was on Soft, and less aggressive driving, that worked well,
but a brake fail at the end stopped me.
The conclusion for me is that this car needs extensive considerations to tyre-management.

What I did not understand is that the front tires have degraded much faster that the rear tires,
but the car has oversteered more and more and the rear got more and more nervous :confused:
I expected more understeer ...

Grats to podiums :thumbsup:
Yes Martin, it is an odd car in that respect. I fought all week to get a setup that wore the tyres out evenly, but it made T3 and the fast right-hander with an unused chicane on its exit (T9?) very tricky. Perhaps it's just Barcelona, as the setup problems reminded me of doing oval races in 1967 F1 cars, where you'd have to run high rear ARB to avoid eating the outside front tyre, and Barcelona has that loooong T3 that's so tempting to push hard through. I had a read of a McLaren track guide for Barcelona, which was quite helpful, and it said that you have to be easy through the long turns to keep the tyres alive, so presumably the real drivers have the same problems as us pretenders.

I used the Super-Soft tyre for race 1, and had 36% remaining (at the front left) at half distance - yikes! I thought I'd have to pit, but I could tell (with great ease and it was fun to watch!) that David was in the same boat and I drove what felt like a wet race till the end after he pitted. For race 2 I used the Soft tyre and drove in a more controlled manner, which was hard letting people go in the hope that I'd catch them later, but it worked.

I'm half tempted to vote for this car though, as it forces more strategic driving rather than Q-lap after Q-lap till the end, but I think I like the MP4/8 more - decisions, decisions...
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I should have added that I think that if we use this car, then we don't need 2x tyre wear!

Another question - if we use the MP4/8, how do we handle the pit lane speed limit? Did they even have one back then? I remember when they didn't, but I remember that didn't stop Andrea de Cesaris from being fined for doing 150 MPH in the pit lane, which may have been one of the reasons for introducing it.

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
I made a change to my vote going by my impressions of last nights racing. I wouldve liked nothing better than to use a currant F1 car but I feel they were far too much to handle for a league that needs safety and ease of use as its main priority. I love the cars for hotlapping but I tend to think they would require far too much practise and setup work between each race to make them a viable solution for Presto.

I remember the fun race with the Mclaren where I literally went on the server and was able to drive laps one after the other without spins and without feeling I was having to work too hard to keep it on the track, obviously if you want to be top or winning the championship then you'd need to put time and effort in to drive them at their limit but for just jumping on server and having fun straight away and being somewhat competative then I think they are ideal for our needs.

The added bonus with the McLaren is that its official content so will be updated as time goes on which would help keep the league at the forefront of Rfactor2s technological advancements.

Regards the pit limiter usage Andrew, yes we would use it, back in the days of Race07 drivers were invisible in the pits so we could go in full speed and not worry about any consequences but with Rf2 could you imagine the pit carnage if there was a few pitting on the same lap and all flying in at 150mph :roflmao:

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
You couldve said that in your last post :laugh:

Well in that case there would be a gentlemans agreement on the speed we will use between the pit entry and pit exit.
But the tracks still have a pit speed limit, it just makes it easy to be caught for speeding without a limiter, and receive a drive through penalty .

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
We dont use any flag rules so there wouldnt be any drive through penalty issued in this case, the reason we dont use the built in penalty system is its unfairly harsh when having a small cut or wide moment that is unavoidable.

Mostly we come down to a gentlemans agreement in that if we say there is a rule of for example pit speed limit 80mph then everyone would be expected to abide by this, if its proven that someone isnt abiding by this then some form of action will be taken.