PrestoGP Season 14 rFactor2 Sign up

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Hi guys,

We at PrestoGP may very soon be starting our 14th season with rFactor2. This will be a new era of PrestoGP that should see us go forward into the future.

All information regarding our league and structure/philosophy can be found in the sticky threads in our forum which at the moment remain in the Race07 subsection but will soon change when things are up and running.

We hope to welcome all our veteran drivers along with any new members who would like to sign up with us. The sign up thread is here..

Please read our rules and racing guidlines before signing up but rest assured if its fun close racing your after, PrestoGP is the place to be :)
Feb 4, 2012
I think @David O'Reilly could give it a mention in the VWSR forums as well. The season finishes tonight and PrestoGP looks like a perfect place for drivers to continue with the FR3.5 2014.

I already signed up. Let's go for some tags:
@Simon Christmann @Aleksi Kivelä @Yuri Kasdorp @Daiman Patel @Dennis Coufal @Calum McLure @Oscar Hardwick @Georg Winter @Victor Ivanov @James Sadler @Jason Skyring @Martin Bulgin @Daniel Bida @Richard Hill @Teddy Buch @Nicolas Delamare (worlds most insane gamepad driver ;) ) @Jeff Lasecki @Steve Combey @Ben Eastman @Kris Cobb @Dan Brewer @Andrew Ford @Matt Sentell @Miroslav Davidovic @James Maskell @Mark Aalberts @Rene Reiterer @Matt Horst @Dusko Avramovski

Looking at the VWSR sign ups. This could well end up with two grids and a pre-qualy (high hopes :D)


Jan 20, 2014
I'd look into this, but I'm already in 2 leagues and 3 is a bit much