PrestoGP rFactor 2 Guide (rF2 Explained)

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David Turnbull

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Sep 17, 2009

rFactor 2 Explained

We at PrestoGP like our racing to be as fun, friendly but as competative as possible therefore we like to make running our games and hosting servers as easy as can be so we can all focus more on the driving side, We also pride ourselves on having a diverse bunch of guys from across the globe. We know not everyone has the same level of computer literacy so the easier we can make things for our many drivers the better and at no time more important than now with our impending change to rFactor2.
This post will be a work in progress at the moment, it will constantly change to include anything we need to know about rFactor2, This might take a while to gather all the info needed but eventually this will be PrestoGP's definitive guide to rFactor2.

Features and System Requirements
This link will provide you with info on the features that rFactor2 has to offer us, It also has system requirements at the bottom, everyone should make sure their able to meet the minimum requirements or the game maybe won't run as well or how it should.

Purchase and Initial Setup
Below you will find a link that explains most if not all the crucial parts needed to purchase and instal rFactor2, use this as a small guide right now to help in the setup process.

Content (Cars and Tracks)
Here is ISI's list of content for rFactor2, There's a large selection of cars and tracks for download, This is Official ISI content/mods.....

Modded cars and tracks can be found at various places on the net but most if not all of our PrestoGP content will come from here at Race Department...

Settings help
The link below is to a very large and comprehensive guide to rFactor2 FFB, it may be a little complicated for some but can be used at the moment to help you understand the various parameters and forces that affect rFactor2 force feedback.

Regarding setups I've found a very usefull site that simplifies the meanings of each rFactor2 setup options, the site itself may also be a work in progress so things might change there but basically it explains each option in the setup screen.

Once installed and working then you can use Trackmap as a complete replacement for XD and RTT, it does all the same jobs and much much more, its invaluable for anyone using rFactor2 I'd say.

If you encounter any problem's then please post the thread below and we will all try our best to help.

If anyone has any problems that we can't help with here at PrestoGP then please use the Official ISI site for technical support.

Once complete this thread will be locked and stickied.
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David Turnbull

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Sep 17, 2009
Wheel Settings

You can find help with your wheel in this thread...

Graphics Settings
Again these screenshots are from my own game, your settings may vary quite a bit from mine, I use an AMD HD6970 2GB card with 3 screens in Eyefinity and an extra monitor for telemetry so if your on 1 monitor with roughly the same card or higher then you'll be able to squeeze a good bit more performance from rFactor2

The part below of the player.json file located here Documents\rFactor2\UserData\player gives you control of the cockpit vibration, I think most feel its a bit too much at default level so I turn it all off completely.

"Cockpit Vibration Freq1":0,
"Cockpit Vibration Freq1#":"Primary rate of vibration affects eyepoint position (higher framerates allow higher rates)",
"Cockpit Vibration Freq2":0,
"Cockpit Vibration Freq2#":"Secondary rate of vibration affects eyepoint orientation",
"Cockpit Vibration Mult1":0,
"Cockpit Vibration Mult1#":"Primary aerodynamic vibration multiplier affects eyepoint position (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)",
"Cockpit Vibration Mult2":0,
"Cockpit Vibration Mult2#":"Secondary aerodynamic vibration multiplier affects eyepoint orientation (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)",
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David Turnbull

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Sep 17, 2009
Here's a track list I've made up and links to each :thumbsup:

Real F1 2015 Calender and rFactor2 downloads available at RD

15/03 Australia - RR Melbourne 2013 -
29/03 Malaysia - ISI Malaysia - Official ISI Content
05/04 Bahrain - Bahrain 1.0 -
19/04 China - RR China 2012 -
10/05 Spain - RR Barcelona 2013 -
24/05 Monaco - RR Monaco 2013 -
07/06 Canada - RR Montreal 2013 -
21/06 Austria - RR Austria 2014 -
05/07 Britain - ISI Silverstone - Official ISI Content
19/07 Germany - RR Hockenheim 2014 -
26/07 Hungary - RR Hungaroring 2013 -
23/08 Belgium - RR Spa 2013 -
06/09 Italy - RR Monza 2014 -
20/09 Singapore - RR Singapore 2013 -
27/09 Japan - Suzuka FSR -
11/10 Russia - No track available at the moment
25/10 USA - COTA 1.1 -
01/11 Mexico - No track available at the moment
15/11 Brazil - ISI Sao Paulo/Interlagos - Official ISI Content
29/11 Abu Dhabi - No track available at the moment


Istanbul GP v1.0 -
Magny Cours v1.1 -
FSR Imola 2006 -
Newerburg GP Circuit 1.0 -
Nurburg GP 1.7 -
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