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PrestoGP Official Season 14 Sign Up

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran

Hello and Welcome to the Official PrestoGP Season 14 Sign up

PrestoGP has a long standing history of fun and fair racing, We cater for all regardless of pace. We are opening sign up's and so far the response has been overwhelming, If you don't managed to get in this time then please ask to be put on the waiting list where you could be called in as a reserve too if you'd like.

Firstly please read our guidelines/rule's to make sure we are the league for you.

If we sound like the league you'd be interested in participating in then please read our General Info and Calendar thread's to make sure you are available on the date and time's shown.

The people tagged below have signed upto the Test thread already, These guys will get first opportunity to confirm or give up their place, as mentioned before PrestoGP members past and present take priority and due to this 5 places will be left open for any still to come, if by 17/2/15 there's no more PrestoGP member's to sign up then their places will be taken by order of sign up from the waiting list.

In PrestoGP's first season with Rfactor2 we would've prefered to run 1 divison and a maximum 30 drivers, This obviously create's problem's with the number of sign up's at this moment as potentially there would be nearly a full division already, please don't let that deter you from signing up, the waiting/reserve list is there to see if we have the demand for a second division and we have accomodated for that in the past.

Any sign up's from now will automatically be added to the waiting/reserve list and place's will be allocated as soon as we hear from the 5 still to come or if there are any non confirm's from the current list.

1. David Turnbull - Confirmed
2. Sean Greenlaw - Confirmed
3. April Dillon - Confirmed
4. Damien Rouchon - Confirmed
Peter Decker - Confirmed
6. Dino Paolini - Confirmed
7. Richard Hill - Confirmed
8. Valerio Vinnasa - Confirmed

9. Nicolai Nicholson - Confirmed
10. Nicolas Delamere - Confirmed

11. Tim McIver - Confirmed
Artyom Aslamazyan - Confirmed
13. Jim Hawley - Confirmed
14. Nicolas Rouge - Confirmed
15. Martin Floeck - Confirmed
16. Bob Laube - Confirmed
17. Valter Ostman - Confirmed
18. Kurt Kjellin - Confirmed
19. Anton Valle Gonzalez - Confirmed
Mark Breslin - Confirmed
21. Martin Oconner - Confirmed
22. Dan Brewer - Confirmed
Jason Skyring - Confirmed
24. Phil Shillitoe - Confirmed
25. James Early - Confirmed
26. Jonathan Holmes - Confirmed
27. David O'Reilly
- Confirmed
Sam Jones - Confirmed
29. Ruben Paez
- Confirmed
30. Bob Miley - Confirmed

Waiting/Reserve List

1. Steve Combey
2. Dan Baker
3. Kikovalle
4. Anslem Farmer
5. Geoffrey Fournier
6. Steeve Fournier

We thank you for taking interest in PrestoGP and we hope to see you all on track for our first season in Rfactor2.
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You can free up my spot, thanks for keeping it warm though. :)
External forces mean I've suddenly got too little time to practice for these events.
I need a lot of practice.

Such a shame, rF2 feels so much better than any other sim I've driven.
Good luck with the first season, am sure it'll be great.
Hopefully, I'll get a chance to join a later season, when I get more time.

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
You certainly can:)

Have a read through the info in the first post, I will add you to the waiting list right now and will ask you to confirm participation around the 17th Feb, for now you can join us in any fun races or practise races coming up. (Theres one in a few hours although a bit short notice)

see you on track.