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PrestoGP Fun Race - Mclaren MP4/8@Mid Ohio - 30th Jan 2019

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Server is up!

Hi guys :)

This race will be on Wednesday 30th Jan at usual PrestoGP times. The format for the race will be......

2x20mins races
Reverse grid in Race 2
Dry weather
Normal tyre wear
Normal fuel usage

Practise start time - 7pm (UK)
Qualifying - 8pm
Race 1 - 8.15pm
Race 2 - 8.40pm

Sign up by following on from the person above you....

Anyone welcome
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Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Dec 24, 2009
i realized only now
date race: Wednesday 1st Feb. maybe Wednesday 30th Jan or one Wednesday
1st Feb. is Friday :D

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
I hoped a little more time inbetween this one would help us with some sign ups and also that I didnt manage to sort the server out until the Friday it would give us all more time with the car and track.
Sep 9, 2012
That was quite fun :)
Had a bit of stress until Q, because rf2 was updating, so I just joined 5min before Q started.
Checked OS and Graphic-Driver for updates enough before, but not rf2.
But fortunately, due the small number of participants P3 was possible :D
R1 was overshadowed by my poor fuel calculations, so I run out of fuel at around 75% of race :rolleyes:
For R2 I increased fuel, but with Q-engine-mixture, I think we did one more lap,
so I run again out of fuel at half of the last lap on P1 ... here I found no emoticon to express my emotion :D
I startet to save fuel some laps before, but Raymond came closer and closer, and it was not enough anyway.
After I stopped, I whatched Raymond while he also stopped rigth behind the finish line.
I don`t remember if his engine was dead or he also run out of fuel, but his luck made me smile again :)
Sep 5, 2018
Yes Martin, it was quite a fun event!

Q: Set a PB for second on the grid behind the super-fast Raymond.

R1: Good start, poking my nose inside Raymond, not knowing if he'd chop it off, but he left room and I was in the lead. I didn't realise that Martin was also very close at T1 too, but soon got the message as we went three wide into T2. Led for five or six laps, but had a silly spin when the engine half died and Raymond ran into me. Got going and let him by and followed him to the finish.

R2: Another good start ending up in second behind Martin. Had to fend Raymond off after another engine spluttering half spin, but he passed me a few laps later. Had a few more silly spins, one big one when I put my rear tyre on the grass as I turned in, which left the car a bit wobbly. Thought I was going to be third, but fuel troubles for others gave me second (and nearly first, as I coasted over the line as Raymond did) - odd really, as I started both races with 47 L and finished the first with 2 L remaining, so we must have gone a little quicker in race 2 and got another lap in - an inherent problem with timed races (I'd prefer a specific number of laps).

Well done Raymond, clearly the class of the minuscule field.

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