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PrestoGP Fun Race - Cars Touring 70s@Lime Rock Park

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Server is up!

Hi guys :)

This race will be on Wednesday 16th Jan at usual PrestoGP times. The format for the race will be......

2x20mins races
Reverse grid in Race 2
Dry weather
Normal tyre wear
Normal fuel usage

Practise start time - 7pm (UK)
Qualifying - 8pm
Race 1 - 8.15pm
Race 2 - 8.40pm

Sign up by following on from the person above you....

Anyone welcome
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David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
I spun out at turn 1 and was facing the wall, couldnt get reverse gear for some reason and sat there for 2 laps hoping one of you kind souls would ram me back facing the right direction :roflmao: i quit after nobody bothered with the poor guy stuck to the fence :laugh:

good fun races all the same, next time we will have something a bit diffrent again, will get to sorting something out tonight for next wednesday if everyone fancies it?

Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Dec 24, 2009
arrrggg i understand that you have some prob when i see you stopped in my second passage i imagine him have no rear gear:rolleyes: but when i decide to save you leave the track:( anyway big fun in race 1 with you David and in race 2 after David case:D I always had Andrew on my neck
Congrats Andrew and Tom the winners:)
Sep 5, 2018
Q: First pole position - Yay!

R1: Lead for a while, but with Martin hot on my heels until he slipped by down the pit straight. Then followed a second or so behind, not really being able to close the gap, then he smoked, and smoked some more (like a 2-stroke with Redex in the fuel!), then he stopped handing me the win.

R2: Good start and ran third for a while, then one brain fart followed the other (mainly at T1), leaving me chasing Valerio, who I never caught due to the brain wind.

Hopefully, we'll have a few more for the next one (please), and I know when I drove these 'things', that I thought I'd had more fun pushing a trolley around a supermarket, but they were actually quite fun in the end.

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