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Presidential elections - 2014

John-Eric Saxén

Jan 31, 2010

as you might know, this year's Club Presidential election is going to come up soon, with candidate nominations starting November 1st. This thread shall be for information for anyone interested in the position.

From the FSR Structure document:
The ISR Club President is the highest authority of the ISR Club. He will be elected once a year and keeps his position from December 1st until November 30th of the next year.
He will be part of the ISR Club Board to discuss and decide on technical and sporting decisions. Deputy of the ISR Club President and second highest authority of the ISR Club is the Vice-President. The ISR Club President appoints the ISR Club Vice-President in November after the elections.
ISR Club President will be elected to his position with an absolute majority in the first instance or a simple majority in a second instance, under the Statutes of the ISR Club. In case a second instance is needed, only the 2 most voted candidates in first instance will be up for voting. Candidates can be nominated from November 1st until November 9th by any member of the ISR Club Board. Voting on the ISR Club President will start at 0h00 GMT on November 10th and end at 24h00 GMT on November 15th each year. In case a second instance voting is needed, it shall begin at 0h00 GMT on November 17th and end at 24h00 GMT on November 20th.
All ISR Club members are allowed to vote.

After the vote on the ISR Club President, all runners-up are automatically candidates for the TOA Chairman position but can reject their candidature within 72 hours.

If some of you, or someone that you know, would like to candidate for the Club President position, send PM to me. Person will then get access to ISR Club forum and can present his campaign for the voters.

If you need more information about the ISR Club and its structure, here you can download all the necessary documents. Of course you can also come to me directly if you have questions.