Preparing for a 2015 championship

May 14, 2013
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that, after about 18 to 24 months of regular pratice on rF and rF2 (since build 298), I'm reaching a pretty good driving level, both on Open Wheels & Cover Wheels mods, my preferences going to F1 and GP2 for OW, and "RallyWorld-kind" of cars (+ Civic & Clio on rf2) for CW (both on permanent racetracks or on hill-climbing roads).

I'm beginning to lean on the possibility to commit myself to some online championship next year, and I tend to think that I should begin some specific-to-online preparations this year, in order to be fully prepared next year.

So, maybe getting in touch with a team (or a league) in order to have some testing sessions would be a good start, seeing if this idea of mine is in the realm of the "reachable" or if I'm largely delusional about my skills... :)

You can answer the post or contact me by PM, as you wish.