Preferred GT cars


Ian Landry

Especially since GT racing doesn't get alot of media attention in Canada (where I live!), I was wondering what are the main differences between the cars within the same class, and which one you guys prefer to race in...

Are there any that have a definite advantage over others?

In online multiplayer games, there seem to be many drivers racing in Austin Martin (in all the classes).

For someone like me who can only race a few hours per week, trying out all the cars, while a fun process, takes weeks and weeks!!

Aug 2, 2008
well ,i think every car have goods and bad things it's just feeling with it,for me it's the aston martin or the audi r8 i take when i race in gtpro,for the gt sprot no doubt it's the M3 gtr or the toledo cupra gt,and for the gt club bmw z4 or aston martin dbrs9,but i think you have to try them all to find your own...
Feb 19, 2007
for the GT pro category in GTR Evo (GT1)....many are going with the Austin Martin

actually before the update the corvette C6R was the fastest
now with the update, it may be that the DBR9 is possibly now the fastest, or at least the most easy to drive and be fast, together with the Lister.
also it is now really possible that the viper may also be one of the fast ones up front....
the Corvette (yes i am a fan boy of the C6R...ever since i saw at Le Mans :)) is still fast, but to be fast with the car you need to find control of the car first, as it may be a hard to handle car with a little bit of under steer. But once you got it, no one will stop you (except a wall :))

João Andias

Sep 14, 2008
Me too, I'm also a fan of the C5R or C6R (lately more of the C6, although it has less torque from bottom then C5, it has better aerodynamics), the reason is more or less the same then the above poster; sow them in SPA and I like slow REVrs as they are better suited to my "virtual" driving style.

Chris Standring

Im a big fan of the Lister Storm, always have been, awesome motor!


Sep 8, 2008
I kind of like the Audi R8 for Gt Pro racing. I'm still using a Logitec Controller when i play ,so it's tough for me to modulate the throttle correctly and i feel like the Audi is the easiest to control coming out of the turns. I'm no setup expert ( slowly getting better :p) but the Audi is the easiest car to setup for my driving style.

Can i ask you where in Canada you from Ian Landry ? Your name sounds like your from Québec...!

Klyde Parker

Even though it is not a "real" car... My favorite ride in GTR Evo is the Alfa Extreme. I just love the way it handles and the extra horsepower sure doesn't hurt. In the GTP class, my favorite ride is the Austin Martin DBR9.

Ian Landry

Can i ask you where in Canada you from Ian Landry ? Your name sounds like your from Québec...!
Je suis a Montreal comme toi! Je pense qu'il y a aussi un autre Quebecois de St-Roch... Yves Larose.:canada:

BTW, I followed you guys' advise and started trying all the cars. But last night at Zandvoort I had a hell of a time keeping the Lister Storm on the track... too nervous on the bumps!:shocked: The Audi was easier... gotta try the Corvette now.

Rob Prange

I love the Aston Martin DBR9 and the BMW Z4M, two cars that suit my driving style and skill :)
Sep 4, 2008
I love the Aston Martin DBR9...
Me too!

I found the Corvette C5R to be absolutely horrible on Valencia. I was in an online race there and simple gave up because I slipped off the track more than once. I noticed a guy in the lead in the Audi...
So I went to practice mode and did a few laps in the Audi R8 GT, what a difference. It was so much easier, I managed much faster times without any trouble.

The C5R is manageable on the larger, faster tracks though. It seems to handle well on Spa.

The Aston Martin DBR9 is my favorite for now though :)


for me defenitely the Aston Martin.

and for the smaller gt's i like the Spyker.


I like the Aston Martin and C6R. I am testing a Maserati (and a few other cars) for one of the modders and I must say I really like this car too and the physics are more like GTR Evo which is refreshing after the recent GTR2 mod that release by another mod.

Mike Simian

Oct 12, 2008
quite enjoying the koenegg, its harder to get the pace out of it, and setups are proving quite hard to work out, it doesnt respond in the same way as i'm used to but i like it.

Hatta Hakimi

Sep 14, 2008
My favorite car is also the DBR9 and i do race all of my GT race with that car. It is not that I dont want to race with other car but it takes a long time to master a car and unfortunately I dont have the time and I can just practice on one car.


One of my favorite GT cars is a Ferrari maranello.
It is fast, and it has a nice sound :p