Precision onboard - Jaakko Mikkonen at the Chinese GP

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  1. Johannes Kunkel

    Johannes Kunkel

    Join Jaakko Mikkonen onboard through the full race at the Shanghai Circuit, from the Formationlap to the finishline.

    Highlights, for those who don´t want to watch it all:
    02:40 Start
    06:20 Jaakko overtakes Jim Parisis to retake 3rd
    12:30 Jim Parisis overtakes and Rasmus Tali follows 1 lap later, the trio stays close together
    22:40 Tali and Parisis collide into turn 1, Tali goes off the track and falls behind
    24:00 Jaakko overtakes Parisis at the exit of the hairpin and looses the position again due to making a Hamilton in the pit entrance
    24:15 1st Pitstop
    25:50 Jaakko overtakes Cozzi into the hairpin
    48:40 2nd Pitstop
    1:11:30 3rd Pistop
    1:16:50 Jaakko starts his fastest lap
    1:34:30 Jaakko crosses the finish line in 3rd place completing a double podium for the team