Precision Motorsports team or license for sale

Hello everyone,

I have been thinking about my future in FSR recently and want to check my options more clearly.

This is why I want to put either Precision Motorsports or just the WC License up for sale here. Please contact me through my email if you are interested in either of the two. Offers for the team will only be considered if the potential buyer can present a full concept on how to run the team.

My email address:

I will just collect all offers for the next 4 weeks and decide after that to give enough time for people who are interested to make up their mind.
So if nobody gives you an offer, what happens to PM? It would be a shame for a team that has built such a reputation to just shut down completely. 1st the Touring Car division, and now seemingly FSR too.
No, it doesn´t mean that. There is always an alternative plan.

However after so many years of working on a project like this I want to know what my options are and if there are different people really eager to continue this project, why shouldn´t I give it away.