Precision Motorsports presents its 2013 campaign

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    The 2013 Precision Motorsports campaign started on a small airfield near Frankfurt, where the team and its drivers had gathered before continuing on to Melbourne for the 1st Round of the season to celebrate the start of Precision's sixth Formula Simracing campaign. Starting its journey in 2008 from scratch, Precision has clinched no less than 41 race wins in the FSR World Championship, including a record breaking three drivers' and constructors' titles.

    The PrM-006 is the first car of a new generation introducing new design elements in both the chassis and the paintscheme. The car is the first to have the very characteristic platypus nose which was introduced due to the latest Formula one safety regulations. The new paintscheme features a new chrome style and the typical Precision yellow. The car was once again created by the Lead Designer Juan Diego Sanchez.

    The team line-up has seen some changes compared to the last years, mainly caused by a number of new drivers joining the team. The World Championship team will for the 4th year be spearhead by the 3 times World Champion Bono Huis who will be partnered by the 2012 World Series Champion Jack Keithley who made the step to a full time World Championship driver after a very impressive season in 2012.

    In the World Series, the team has brought in a fully new line up in form of Rob van Starkenburg and Martin Gosbee who both have shown great performances throughout 2012 finishing 4th and 5th respectively in the overall standings. The team has high hopes that both of them will be able to continue the strong form Precision has shown in the World Series over the past years.

    The team has seen no change of staff, as Johannes Kunkel as team owner, Ondrej Kuncman as team manager and John-Eric Saxén as press reporter, will work together for yet another season.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Team Owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
    "Another new season, it´s always exciting to get close to the start and you can literally feel the tension going up. This will be my 7th season in FSR and the 6th for the team, it really feels like a long time, but the years have gone by rather quickly. We had great success over the past years and that makes it very difficult to plan ahead for a new season as of course the only goal can be to continue where we left off the previous year. With the rising competition it´s not going to be easy this season. We decided last year that we need to bring new life into the team by getting new young and talented drivers into the line up and I´m confident we have succeeded with that. All of them have already shown in the past what they are capable off and I´m sure they will show us some very exciting races."

    Team Manager Ondrej Kuncman commented:
    "My 5th season as the team manager of Precision Motorsports is about to start and we are entering it with the same goals as every year. That is winning all 4 main titles that FSR has to offer. After achieving this for 3 consecutive seasons it would seem there is nothing left so prove or win and there may not be, as is reflected in the motivation of some drivers. On the other hand we have vastly revitalized our team and partially got a new lease of life, which is what keeps some of us going. All the new signings have proved to be right calls already and I have full confidence in our drivers' abilities to bring home required results and championships. As usually the biggest threat comes from within, hence it is crucial to keep the motivation through the season and keep working hard as only that will lead to success. Arguably, we have had a stronger winter testing than last year so hopefully there isn't much to catch up on."

    To follow the progress of the team during the season, make sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Precision Motorsports Press
    Official Press Release
    written by Johannes Kunkel

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    Awesome car :) Gl guys :)

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    Wow now that's a radical color scheme change! :D

    Nice job :)
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    Car looks great!

    Let's hope the campaign isn't a plane crash :p (sorry I couldn't resist)
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    Best looking PM car yet. Awesome livery! :thumbsup:
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    Silver cars are awesome :)
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    The team to beat...
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    It is beautiful, and it'll be fast. What else do you PM guys need? Haha awesome job ;)
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    Excellent. Very nice.