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Precision Motorsports Nürburgring review

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Johannes Kunkel

    Johannes Kunkel

    Precision returns back to victory form at Nürburgring

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    World Series
    After a difficult race at Monza, Jack Keithley demonstrated his pace is back by setting the fastest lap time in qualifying to take his first season pole position and second of career, while Peter Duivelaar would start from seventh place.

    At the start, Jack managed a good take-off to keep the lead in front of Martin Gosbee. Meanwhile Peter was forced to avoid a car returning back from off track, costing him multiple positions. After the first laps, Jack was able to extend his lead up to 3 seconds before the first pit stops. With the whole top on the same 4-stop strategy, the pit stop saw no change of orders. Peter had meanwhile managed to pass a couple of cars, putting him up to P8. With 20 laps to go, the Dutch made a bold pass on Matteo Vecchioni to take seventh, where he eventually finished.

    The day was, however, Jack Keithley's. The Briton kept a secure lead throughout the race to take his fourth victory of the season. The result extended his championship lead up to 76 points, with 4 races to go. Cyril Werdmuller made a good recovery from a difficult qualifying to finish ninth.

    World Championship
    After a drought of 3 races in terms of pole positions, Bono Huis demonstrated his peak form is back by taking pole position with a 2-tenth margin ahead of Morgan Morand. Jack Keithley continued to impress by scoring his best WC qualifying result in third place.

    At the start Bono managed to keep the lead despite a couple of aggressive passing attempts from Morand. During the first stint, Bono was able to build up a couple of seconds gap to Morand. Meanwhile Jack had commited for a 5-stop strategy, thanks to which he managed to jump Morand due to an earlier first stop. This allowed Bono to increase his gap lap by lap. The situation in the top 3 continued identical until the third stops, where Jack once again just managed to pull out ahead of Morand. A couple of corners later, however, the two came together in a big impact crash, initiated by a mistake of Morand, which forced both cars to retire.
    After the incident, Bono had all the time needed to finish effortlessly in another victory, his seventh of the season. The result significantly strengthened Bono's position in the championship, whose lead now increased to 47 points due to Morand not finishing the race.

    The following race will be carried out in one week's time at the challenging Suzuka circuit, where Bono can get another step closer towards his third straight FSR championship.

    Bono Huis commented:
    "Finally we had the fastest car again, a big thanks to the team, the car was a dream to drive. Pole, race win and the fastest lap, it was just a perfect weekend and with Morgan not scoring any points we made a big step in the championship."

    Jack Keithley commented:
    "For qualifying, the car was pretty good and it got me the Pole by just a whisker from Martin Gosbee, Start went perfect and held the lead after the first lap and gradually built the gap throughout the race and got to about an 8 second lead before the last round of stops. From then on we took it pretty easy not wanting to damage the car and although Martin was closing we had it all under control and after Monza it was fantastic to comeback with a win.
    As always huge thanks goes to the team for prepering such a great car which was a joy to drive round a very tough track."

    Team Owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
    "This was the perfect weekend to return to the winning lane. The team did a great job to bounce back in such a nice way after struggeling for to long. The only downside of the weekend is that Jack wasn´t able to turn his great drive in the World Championship into points. But he will get more chances to do that in the final races of the season. Now we get closer to the big races as already on the next weekend we can secure both the World Championship and World Series Constructors Titles for the 3rd year in a row. So we just have to carry the momentum from here on to the next tracks."

    To follow the progress of the team during the season, make sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Precision Motorsports Press
    Official Press Release
    written by John-Eric Saxen