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    After a mixed Spa weekend with mainly success in the World Series, Precision Motorsports return to one of its historically most successful venues, Monza, for round 10 of FSR. The team's glorious history on this race track includes victory in 2009 by Jaakko Mikkonen, triple victory in 2010 led by Bono Huis and another triple victory in 2011 with the same winner.

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    In World Championship, the team is hoping to return back to the victory fight after a couple of difficult rounds. The race will also see a much anticipated return to cockpit of Mikko Puumalainen, who last year finished third on this track. In world series, the team's main goal is to keep Jack Keithley in a steady lead in the championship.

    Mikko Puumalainen commented:
    "For a while now I've felt like I wanted to drive at least one more race this year, and that race was Monza. So when the opportunity came, I didn't hesitate to say I wanted to race. Qualifying might be a struggle like it usually is for me, but I hope to get a good result and after that we'll see how I feel about the rest of the season."

    Team Manager Ondrej Kuncman commented:
    "We have had certainly more fruitful preparation for Monza than for Spa. The extra week allowed us to look into smaller things that have brought small improvements here and there. Monza is a unique track in many aspects and I believe that will be an advantage for us. Having had the strongest car on this track since 2009 I wouldn't hesitate to say we know how to get the car pretty neat and ready for Monza, however as we are seeing the whole season, all the top teams are very evenly matched setup-wise and it will not change in the remaining races. We hope to recover some of the points back in WC Driver's Championship, otherwise as always, beat the closest rival and hence extend the leads."

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