Precision Motorsports Brazilian GP review

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    The season finale at Interlagos saw Precision scoring a 1-2 in WC to conclude another successful year.

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    World Series
    With Jack Keithley eligible to only participate in the World Championship, Cyril Werdmuller showed strong pace in practise but had to settle for 9th in Q2, just behind Fred Gosling in 8th. A messy start saw several cars subject to contact, helping Cyril to advance into 5th place. It soon became clear that a couple of cars ahead were running a 4-stop strategy, promoting the 3-stopping Cyril to a net third place. The Dutch kept his place all the way to the end despite closing attempts from Matteo Vecchioni in the final lap, to finish the season strong with a third podium.
    Fred Gosling, as usual, drove a consistent race with 4 stops to eventually finish in 9th place. The Briton has announced that this would be his last season in a long career, having raced in FSR ever since 2005. The team wants to thank Fred for all the effort he has put in through the years, with a special mention to winning the 2008 World Series championship title ahead of a certain Bono Huis.
    In the championship tables, the team finished first with Jack Keithley (483 points), first in the constructors (846) and 8th, 9th and 11th with Peter (217), Cyril (198) and Fred (191).

    World Championship
    After two races it was time for Bono Huis to be back on pole again, this time less than a hundredth ahead of team-mate Jack Keithley. At the start, both Precision drivers protected their lead cleverly from Jeffrey Rietveld, who was unable to pass either car despite a couple of attempts.
    It soon became clear that the Precision duo ahead was running a 4-stop strategy as opposed to Rietveld on 3. Despite dealing with traffic after early pit stops and a couple of hazardous moments, both drivers were able to stay in front of Rietveld after the final pit stops. With fresher tires it meant that Bono and Jack could drive a relaxed final stint, finishing in a 1-2 for the team for the first time this season, with Bono taking his 9th win.
    The result also meant that the team's success at Interlagos continued - a track where Precision has won every time since 2009. The strong season end promoted Jack to 7th place in the championship (69 points). Both championships went to Precision with a large margin with Bono on 316 points and the team on 430 points in constructors.
    A hectic season is now over, followed by a well-deserved winter break. The saga will continue with next year, hopefully with a new simulator platform.

    Bono Huis commented:
    "Very happy with my 10th win of the season, the whole weekend was perfect. Pole, win and the fastest lap, the car was just brilliant to drive. Nice way to end the season for me personally, but also for the team with a 1-2. Congrats to Jack, he did really well here and he was a great help all season."

    Jack Keithley commented:
    "What a fantastic race and a perfect end to a great season.
    I was a bit miffed at missing the pole by fractions, but you can never bet against Bono and starting from the front row is never bad anyway. Once the race started I slotted into P2 and tried to hang onto Bono for as long as possible, but despite pushing as hard as I could i gradually slipped back from him.
    Once the different strategies became clear we had to focus on getting good stops to clear any traffic, and for the most part it worked out well and I didnt get held up to any huge degree. I had some fun moments with Ivar and Patrick and eventually jumped back up into P2 after my last stop and brought the car home on the podium once more and a 1-2 for Precision was a perfect end to the race.
    The team did a superb job once again with the car and strategy and I couldn't be happier with how it's gone this season."

    Team Owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
    "A perfect result to end a fantastic season. Brazil really seems to be our playground winning the last 4 World Championship races here. I specially want to mention Fred Gosling as well, who did his last FSR race in the World Series. He has been around in the team since 2008 where he drove in another series with us and helped us claim the Constructors title there. It was great having such an experienced driver in the team. And of course a big thank you for his season videos which are great fun to watch and have great memories of each single season."

    To follow the progress of the team during the season, make sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Precision Motorsports Press
    Official Press Release
    written by John-Eric Saxen
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    Gratz for the double champ! You wont be as lucky next year. ;)
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