Precision Motorsports approaches their Home GP with a special Livery

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    After a strong midsummer campaign bringing three straight WC victories, Precision Motorsports approaches Hockenheim in hopes of consolidating the team's championship leads before the summer break. The team approaches its home Grand Prix in updated liveries, featuring a more distinct painting pattern along with the German colors. Will Bono Huis be able to take is third straight victory or will home favourite Ronny Hähnel come in between? Follow the progress in our usual channels to find out.

    Ondrej Kuncman, Precision Motorsports team manager commented:
    "We are looking forward to team`s home track. Preparation has gone reasonably well unlike in Silverstone and that should show in results. Naturally we are aiming for 4th consecutive win in the World Championship and hopefully more than that. Hockenheim is mainly a slow speed track with only 2 high speed corners, therefore our strengths can be shown here more than in the previous race. Twister obviously remains the only competitor. I am confident but anything can happen so let's see how it turns out."

    John-Eric Saxen, Precision Motorsports License co-owner commented:
    "Preparations for this weekend have been somewhat fluctuating. After a difficult start some clear improvement in car handling was seen thanks to great co-operation. The track is difficult to setup for and the race will probably see some compromises regarding strategy and pit stop timing. The start will no doubt be tricky, but providing that the first lap succeeds, the final result should reflect our preparations. Hopefully we can move with good results in the bag onto the summer break."

    Ronny Hähnel commented:
    "I´m really looking forward to my Home GP in Hockenheim. Naturally you always want to show up strong and win infront of your Fans but it will be very difficult to win, especially my teammates and twister will be very strong again. At first it´s important I get the Qualyfing right which was my main problem in the last two races.
    The track is similar to Montreal and Valencia where we had very good pace, so I´m confident to get a good race and maybe score my 2nd victory."

    Check out the Lap around the Hockenheim Circuit onboard with Ronny Hähnel here

    To follow us during the weekend make sure to check out our Facebook site where you will always get the latest Infos

    Precision Motorsports
    Official Press Release
    written by John-Eric Saxen
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