Pre-Order PC DVD From NA Retailer?

I haven't been able to find any North American retailers allowing pre-orders of the PC DVD - just UK retailers like that don't ship to North America. Has anyone found any? I'm afraid they will go the Codemaster's method of PC DVD and have it only ship from the UK - if they do that, I will have to wait for a UK reseller that is willing to ship across the pond.

And incase people are wondering, I can't download through Steam due to data limits.
The answer to this question is yes, the PC DVD will be sold by retailers outside of the UK. Talked to the Creative Director.

"Yes it will, but we have no control over when they decide to put it up.

Andy Tudor
As usual, it is not being offered in PC DVD form from any NA retailers that I can see. So I will have to order it from Amazon UK and pay for shipping across the pond. :(
Yeah, this is disappointing. I also thought they said the actual steam version is next year? (Dodge those valve fees per sale)... does ship to US but vat and time it takes to get to you (up to 7 days) is a real pain...

Daily I'm searching this and do hope I can get it at launch for PC, in the US.
I sure hope this gets fixed up before launch. Having to order a major game from a retailer across the ocean and have it shipped by plane and truck to my house is like writing a tweet, putting it in an envelope, spending a buck for a stamp and mailing to your friend. I thought this would be a Steam download:cautious: