Practice servers?

Boby Kim

Original poster
Aug 28, 2010
Just extened my Iracing license for a year to have a serious go. All i do right now is testing the mazda at Okayama and Laguna Sega and i must is getting boring being all alone, no AI, no MP.
Next to that i do not know what to do, well test driving i suppose until my hair falls out. Honestly i thought there would be 24/7 practice servers for everybody and every skill. I like practising but not on my own. So i have noticed i went back to rFactor 2 with AI. So what is the catch, it seems that when you are slow you never ever can race online. Is Iracing only for aliens that post their amazing racing skill races on You Tube?

Kjell Eilertsen

Jun 7, 2012
There are test sessions for each of the series, if you use the Race Guide you can see these by hovering your mouse over the icons just to the left of the chart where races appear, from there you can find sessions with other people to test with.

Also, you can join actual races as a ghost, you will see all other cars but run straigth through then instead of crashing into them, and they won't see you ontrack. It's a great way to get your feet wet in online racing without the risk of ruining other peoples day!


Jan 18, 2013
What's stopping you from entering the races that happen every hour?

As Kjell mentions, there are open practice sessions as well, which you should be able to enter regardless of your license.