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Tracks Poznan Circuit v1.01 1.01

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Stefan Woudenberg updated Poznan Circuit with a new update entry:

Poznan v1.01

Here is an update for Poznan 1.0.

The main reason for this update was the slow AI, but I also added some new cams and two new hdr profiles.

Fixed stuff as far as I can remember.

Modified the corridors. Curbs are now raceable surface.
Tweaked some slow downs in the fast path.
Deleted the second pit path.
Reduced the pit spots to 15 (was 30 before. Two cars have the same pit spot now).
Block path added.

TV cams
Modified LOD multipliers for the original cams (Camera Group 1).
New tracking...

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Yeah , of coarse . V1.0 installed and V1.01 in manager and i hit install and i get the install box in the centre but a red error message ??
Try installing from the old mod manager located in rf2 folder/bin32/modmgr.exe.

Also note that this is a 3 year old thread from the time rF2 was still basically in beta, so it might well be that updates from 2013 are not compatible with today's rF2 build.