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Tracks Potrero de los Funes 2014-07-17

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Dennis Phelan

Dennis Phelan submitted a new resource:

Potrero de los Funes - A street circuit surrounding a lake in Argentina

Potrero de Los Funes V 1.0 GTR-E / Race 07
by taz

Modeling, mapping, textures, AIW, CAM, Images -----> taz
Beta testers Standing ----> Flo255, Gad2jo, Taz(RFR)

6,250 KMs temporary circuit, the circuit of Potrero de los Funes in Argentina is located in the province of San Luis.
The race of Potrero has existed for many years but took place on the main road, just like the rally today taking a route "normal".
Plot completely revised in 2008,...

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