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posted v3 on iracing and isrtv

does this look reasonable?
i am selling my much loved v3's due to an upgrade, they do have a couple of minor battle scars int the form of some tiny scratches and heel wear on the plate which has caused the black to go a bluey kind of heat fade, but they are very clean and as i've had them for a couple of years and i bought them on here, they will come fitted with a brand new PCBA brand new from FANATEC with receipt.
they are fitted with the brake performance kit and the tilton style pedals with harder black throttle spring and softer red clutch spring but they will also come with the red softer throttle spring and the black harder clutch spring as well as the standard pedal faces and spacer blocks.
they really are a great set of pedals and i'm sure most people know how well they hold their price but i'm not going to be greedy.
Id like £230 plus postage if payment is made through paypal friends and family or bank transfer, otherwise please add the paypal service charge.


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