F1 2014 Possible total upgrade for Kocsis Mihaly's Formula E Mod

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
For the total upgrade for @Kocsis Mihály's Formula E 2019-20 seasons I want is:

Venturi and NIO 2019-20 livery (Venturi does not have ROKiT and NIO does not have 333 livery)
Official driver helmets (expect Vandoorne and De Vries but it needs to be turned into F1 2014 version)
Official + Revised calendar (all based on Street tracks from F1 2010 to 2014)
Driver replacements in Berlin ePrix (Sette Camara in place of Hartley + only without NIO 333, Rast in place of Abt)

Will anyone do that Total upgrade?