Possible stutter fix found?!

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  1. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    I had quite some bad stutters in the gameplay, where otherwise the framerate and CPU/GPU load would be within reasonable limits. But when I used "Alt Tab" to desktop just to tweak a setting and returned back to the game, from there on everything was butter smooth. Might be something to do with the application not properly prioritizing it's threads. Anyway for me it made a enormous difference. From cranky anoying framerates dips to great fluid gameplay. Re-checked if it was a one time lucky fix. But everytime the game is running at first framerate is experiencing big dips, as soon as I switched to the desktop and back to the game everything runs great.

    Can some other players with these problem see if it fixes their FPS stutter/lag and get a much more consistent framerate??
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  2. Booth.the.doberman


    I'm not sure if my "test" is valid or not. I ran a couple of benchmarks and saw no stutter (I did when I was running F1 2016 so I'm pretty sure they can happen there, too). I did the ALT TAB and reran a couple more benchmarks and didn't see any difference. But then, I haven't had a stutter since I set my AMD card shader cache settings from Optimized to On and rebuilt the shader cache. But I know from past years' experience that you can think you've solved the stutters/staggers, only to have them return several days later. On a side note, I updated my AMD drivers two nights ago to the latest version (17.8.2) and I had two incidents where the game acted as though I pressed ALT TAB...the game minimized to the task bar. So I went back to the 17.7.2 driver and haven't seen that happen since. But it's early.