Possible solution to controller deadzones

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by auroboros, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. auroboros


    F1 2015 no doubt has plagued users with deadzones whether it being a pad or wheel. I think I've found the solution we have been pining for. I use an nvidia card but there will be a similar setting for AMD cards.
    Go to your card's control panel and load the F1_2015.exe file to edit the following...
    -In the case of nvidia control panel: Look for the option "Maximum Pre-rendered Frames" and change the setting to 1.
    -There will be a similar option for AMD users, although don't quote me but it may say "buffer" instead of pre-rendered frames.

    This is all about limiting the number of times the game's frames are queued and then delivered to your monitior and the higher the amount, the greater the input lag. I think F1 2015's default is at a higher number than past years and the input lag is insane, especially with vsync on.

    The car's responsiveness is perfect now for me with it set to 1. You may experience some graphical glitching depending on your system/monitor and a slight drop or increase in framerate again depending on your system. To me, in the case of driving, control is everything!

    Try and please leave feedback.
    Cheers and happy gaming!
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  2. JoelGL


    Didn't work for me, as far as the dead zone is concerned. What seems to work is what @Graham Laing suggested (ie. to change controller, say from Custom to keyboard, then back to Custom map of G27). My problem though is that although it seems to save my Custom mapping, the deadzone returns after starting the game, so I have to keep remapping for the dead zone to go away. Still experimenting.
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