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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by LiamJenkinsF1, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. LiamJenkinsF1


    Hey everyone i was thinking of starting up a new Youtube channel for the other 2 FSR leagues and any other simracing leagues everybody competes in. Any videos you make to do with simracing and FSR could be uploaded and its like a community simracing channel , i havent thought of a name yet i was thinking maybe FSRcentral or something but thats only if enough people want to be involved. so what do you guys think then good idea or no ? :)
    many thanks
  2. Jim Parisis

    Jim Parisis

    I think this is a good idea Liam!
    I know many people are racing in other leagues too so it would be great opportunity for all of us to be informed about their progress!
    Personally I upload our Greek F1 championship's (F1Axion) videos on YouTube but mostly on Vimeo.
    Click here to see an example: --->

    I'm not so good at making videos like people here do!:tongue:
    Thumbs up for your project and if you want to I can keep your channel informed with our videos!
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