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Possible "features" for GSC

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Angelq117, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Angelq117


    Hi guys

    I am not trying to "steal" anyone else's ideas or anything, but iRacing (Although probably a lot more serious and precise in certain aspects according to some) has something GSC and rFactor lacks a bit imo... and that is a way to compare sim-racer's talents from all over the world in a specific class or track on a global scale.
    Yes there are probably more than enough Leagues out there each hosting 1 or more class-based championships. We have ShadowRacing in SA which is the only successful League I have knowledge about in my country.
    I tried hosting my own one as well, but failed miserably.
    Bottom line is - what if we can get a multitude of Dedicated servers running specific classes and use a site like Liveracers.com to store results of everything.
    We then get ask RaceDepartment to Post a Top 10 of each Class sort of thing.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Kevin Pheiffer

    Kevin Pheiffer

    Thank you for the kind words.
    We would welcome a system to keep track of all drivers, that way, you know how your standard compares to others. Good idea.
  3. Wedsley Dias

    Wedsley Dias

    I am very afraid about it. GSCE is a software and as such can be manipulated and cheated, only people with the intention to highlight the ranking may make use of trickery, as in any other equivalent system. GSCE still offers a number of variables and aids that can influence the results, also considering user equipment ... finally, a global ranking would be at least very doubtful, imo.

    I personally do not base myself on alien hotlaps, average seek time of around consistent riders for 20, 30 laps of serious leagues around the world.

    In championships RD, can check the results of the races, lap times ... In club racing, this is no longer supported because it can scare slower drivers, since the spirit is fun for everyone.

    Reinforcing, is just my humble opinion.:whistling:
  4. Gert Snyman

    Gert Snyman

    @Wedsley Dias I agree & disagree with you. It might scare some guys away, but for most of the slower drivers it might be a way to bench themselfs against other guys to see if they are improving. It is also a way of getting more guys to test on monitored server.
  5. wdreamsmaycome


    I have very fond memories of the gplrank days in gpl, it was really nice tracking down replays and spend time in gpl replay analyzer trying to figure out where others were going faster than you were... and it was also a definite sense of accomplishment seeing your rank improve as time goes on: didn't care about the aliens but it was nice having a sense of progression and something to aim for.

    These days whatever kind of online ranking you start will soon be overrun by cheaters, however a way around it could be something along the lines of you post your times, and it keeps track of them for you, but it does NOT display a general leaderboard but only an aggregate for every car/track combo, something like:

    formula vee, cascavel
    - your best lap = x.yy.zz, the median lap is a.bb.cc and 50% of the times are within a.bb.cc +/- d.ee seconds

    this way everybody would have a sense of progression but there would be no push to cheat since in the end you'd only cheat yourself (since you can't see others' times), also it'd be trivial after enough people post laps to eliminate outliers entirely from the median calculation so it's not affected by people posting bogus times.

    Tie this to forum user ids (you could make it tied to premiums as an incentive) to avoid people flooding the leaderboard with fake accounts, and there you go: would be also fairly easy to code as a web application since it does not need anything gsce-specific, could be done for any game, just needs a list of track names and cars, after that it's just save laptimes per-user and some minimal math to do the medians/deviations.