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Possible bug? or am i doing it wrong KLM file



Ok ill try and be as discriptive as possible and give as many pix as needed. SO. I decided to make my town for RF, so i took Google earth and saved the routes i wanted to take as a KLM file, 15 total routes. To get the desired way i had to create differnt points for the google earth to navigate to. So i ended up with 15 different start/stop points.

I loaded up GPS Trackmaker and opened all 15 KLM and saved them as 1.

Now in BTB i Import and i get this error on each individual KLM file.. Not the merged one

After i hit ok, it says it again, and again, i have to hit ok about 5 times. then i get the track.. And its exactly the section I saved. 001.KLM my street!,Exactly how i wanted.

Now the merged one that i saved in GPSTrackMaker. I tried saving it in google Earth and skipping GPStrackmaker, same results. its the complete track from above.."Not enough Data to form a track" but after hiting ok about 50 times this time. it does THIS

Any idea's? Pm me and ill send you the KLM files and see whats up for yourself..

Thanks for all of your help



I'd ignore the error about not having enough data - I've never worked out what that one means and BTB clearly seems to manage ok (Maybe Brendon can explain it), although I'm sure it never used to do it (pre V0.4 ?).

It looks like the jumble at the bottom is because the paths are all being centered when imported - although they are all in the same kml I would guess they are each still individual paths. Whether this is related to the error (i.e. it causes some sort of reset so each is centered rather than placed relative to the others) I'm not sure - again I thought at one point that you could do this.

Looking at your map image though, it looks as if you could tweak the kml such that it was one continuous path rather than 15 separate ones, in which case it should load just fine.


Well ive looked around, i havent a clue on how to merge the routes, ive tried in GPS Trackmaker and i thought it worked.. Any idea's?


Mar 24, 2009
it a bug in ge, happens quite often especially on height data,i had it a few times myself with btb lofty ,only way around it is to constantly hit the enter key.



Well ive looked around, i havent a clue on how to merge the routes, ive tried in GPS Trackmaker and i thought it worked.. Any idea's?
I haven't tried GPS Trackmaker but I would assume that it simply combines the paths into a single file rather than join them together as a single path.

If you look at the xml each path is a set of coordinates. You need to combine the coordinates into a single path. You probably want to do this in a text editor and how easy it will be depends if you can remember in what order you defined them. If you did them starting at one point and following you track around its course in the same direction then simply pasting them one after the other would work. Otherwise you need to ensure that the coordinates are in the correct order, and you may find it easier to start again creating a single path.

Before you do that you may want to see if Brendon can provide a reply because it may be a minor thing that is causing BTB to re-center each track (or I could be completely wrong in what I say) - although looking at the help it would appear the behaviour you see is by design "KML files may contain multiple paths and if so BTB will create multiple tracks, all of which will be centred"


grrrrr. ive tried everything.. How about if i took one of thoes survey.. walkers that has a wheel on it. and when u walk it records the feet you traveled. How about if i break my steet into sections and do it that way... lol id get some much needed excersize... Only problem, what kind of math problem would i run into to discribe a turn...ugh


if you insist on merging them all into the same file use topofusion. I would try importing them one by on into the same venue though, this gives you already seperate tracks so you don't have to go chop up the big single track.

the not enough data thing is about stray waypoints ... (like in US rally gps data they have start and finish waypoints - single points are not enough to form a track, get it? in other words there are waypoints in addition to the track)